A future where humans are in space is our only viable future

Welcome to Phobos, where we envision and work to build the most enthralling future for everyone.

The universe doesn't just look beautiful - it's full of mysteries. We need to explore & colonize the cosmos to ensure the survival of the human race, to discover the origins of the universe, to uncover and analyze other life forms, and to fully perceive how everything works.

See Phobos's vision

We have a vision. One where humans aren't just on Earth. Our vision consists of humanity expanding beyond the small sphere of gas we're are currently confined to.

Motivation for Space

The aerospace sector needs more people. If you're looking for some motivation, we are here to help you a bit with that. From why living in space is important to future systems which will be used in space.

About Phobos Space

Perhaps you already know everything about space and want to know a bit more about Phobos itself. We'll, that's why we've created an about page, just for you to read :)

Qbit Communication

We are drafting an experimental concept for instantaneous communication across an infinite distance, anywhere in the universe. It's made possible thanks to the magic of quantum mechanics.

"When the asteroid comes, you're gonna wish we spent money up there (space)" - Neil DeGrasse Tyson

We need to protect Earth & colonize Mars before it's too late.

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